Top Five from 2020: #3


Today is Wednesday, December 30th and we are on the edge of pushing through into 2021. We can’t WAIT!!!

As you know, this week’s MORNING MOTIVATION with Dale Jones is our TOP FIVE countdown from 2020. We are counting down the favorite episodes based on number of listeners as well as listener responses.

So far, we’ve heard:

#5 - “Everybody Loves a Bonus” from July 9th

#4 - “Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy” from June 9th

And now - on to the top three.

In the #3 spot is the November 26th episode from our “Thanksgiving Series - Part 4,” which was heard on Thanksgiving Day.

Although it was only a month ago, it’s certainly one of our favorites and worth another listen.

Come back tomorrow. It’s New Years Eve and we will be sharing the second most popular MORNING MOTIVATION episode from 2020.

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